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What to Expect - Minneapolis Chiropractor

May 24, 2012

What to Expect - Minneapolis Chiropractor Edit Article

What to Expect When You Visit a Minneapolis Chiropractor

To get the best care from your Chiropractor, you will first need to give a complete medical history.  This is accomplished with a health history form and by discussing any health issues with your chiropractor.  This will allow your chiropractor to know how they can best help you, as well as pinpoint problem areas to be addressed.  This initial consultation usually lasts about 30 minutes.  Your treatment will take about 15-20 minutes or longer if x-rays are needed.

If you have recent x-rays, you should bring them to your first appointment.  Your chiropractor will want to know about any pain you have, when it started and what triggers it.  You may be referred for an MRI scan or other diagnostic tests.  You may also be asked questions about your lifestyle and background.

Next a physical examination will be performed.  Your chiropractor will look at your posture, joint movement, range of motion and check your spine for vertebral misalignments.  Your chiropractor will then discuss a treatment plan with you.

Your treatment plan may include:  spinal adjustments, ultrasound therapy, nutritional counselling, soft tissue work, cold laser treatment, massage therapy, mobilization therapy, exercise rehabilitation, accupuncture, and/or craniosacral work. 

You may feel nervous about visiting a chiropractor, but rest assured, treatments do not cause pain, although some people may experience mild discomfort.  People can expect to feel some pain relief right away, and their pain will continue to improve even after their treatments.  A typical patient can expect to feel better after 8-12 visits.  Often underlying conditions, like allergies, asthma and/or arthritis will improve as well.

Your chiropractor may recommend home stretches, exercises and dietary changes to keep you feeling better.  Some people may choose a regular maintenance plan to keep their body feeling optimal.

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