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May 4, 2010

Sciatica-Pain can be a pain in the butt.
No pun intended.

Last night we had a 32 year old female that presented with Sciatica down her left leg into her calf. She has been suffering with this symptom for 18 months and has had physical therapy on and off for 6 months with no real success.

Her MRI was negative for disc herniation or disc bulges.
She walked with a limp and had a hyper-lordotic curve. Upon examination her left Piriformis and Glutuel muscles where extremely hypertonic (tight with multiple knots) and her Sacro-Illiac joint was locked in a posterior position.

No one has told her to see a Chiropractor,her husband works in NYC and she was suffering so they did some research and found out about Lyn Lake Chiropractic.

We adjusted her left SI joint with a side posture adjustment and a Light Drop Table Adjustment and preformed some Active release technique ART on her Piriformis and Glut muscles along with some SOT blocking / Traction and Kinesio taping.

She walked out with the biggest smile!

Nothing makes all the employees at Lyn Lake Chiropractic happier then seeing patients improve with Chiropractic.

She is going to need more care to help normalize muscle balance and spinal alignment but she is on the road to recovery.

Sciatica can be a real pain,make sure that Chiropractic care is integrated into treatment.

If you or someone you know need help please have them call Lyn Lake Chiropractic for a Free Consult.

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