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Wondering if Lyn Lake Chiropractic is good?

August 28, 2011
Just thought I'd share a few links to show everyone Lyn Lake Chiropractic tries very hard to treat with updated state of the art high tech equipment and an amazing staff.  Check out our chiropractors, they really do put their heart into their work!


Better Business Bureau

KARE 11 News

Youtube - Tour the clinic

Moved from NYC and found Lyn lake Chiropractic. I thought I had the Best of the Best Chiropractors in NYC. That first visit at Lyn Lake Chiropractic was The BEST. When I first walked into this clinic I was blown away by all the great people working there, this old loft like clinic with every high tech. machine out there to help me feel better after that dam semi truck rear ended my little car. If your reading this, get your neck or back to Lyn lake Chiropractic, you'll see THE BEST!

Aug 12, 2011
Thanks to Lyn Lake Chiropractic and the amazing staff and smart as heck chiropractors my neck pain is finally not hurting me every day! God Bless This Clinic! I read these reviews that other people have written, after getting treated at Lyn Lake Chiropractic I can totally relate to all these reviews! Wow! True..True!
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Jul 15, 2011
I want to review Lyn Lake Chiropractic from a different perspective. Dr. Kevin Schreifels and Lyn Lake Chiropractic are a Community Based Internship clinic which means they meet and exceed the standards set forth by the Chiropractic college to teach new doctors in a clinical setting. I was placed at Lyn Lake Chiropractic a year ago and thought, "This is a pretty fun place." What people don't see is that behind the scenes, every patient is carefully taken into consideration on how treatment can be given to best suite their needs to get them better faster. The doctors and staff at that clinic take pride in being the best Chiropractic clinic in Minnesota and it shows. I had the opportunity to work there for a few months after I graduated and it was one of the best educational experiences I could .

If you need more proof, call for a free consultation and come meet Lyn Lake Chiropractic, or tell a friend or family member!

Did you know we have a second Lyn Lake Chiropractic location? If you're on the far North side of Minneapolis, look us up! View all of the offerings and amenities at our North East Location.