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Success in the Business World With Better Posture!

March 25, 2015

Success in the Business World With Better Posture!


Harvard Business School recently distributed an article entitled, "The Power of Posture" stating that your stance, broadly speaking, signals to the world how energetic, confident, and powerful you are. Slumped shoulders, a slow pace, and a sagging belly are taken by the world to mean that you lack confidence, that you don't have much energy, and that you are probably less important, successful, and powerful as a result. 


These impressions may be neither accurate nor fair, but they are the inevitable results of the fleeting impressions. Before your next meeting, take a couple of Quick read more or view full article minutes to "power pose" by standing with your feet apart, hands on your hips, and breathe deep while you visualize a successful outcome to the meeting.


Depression and Energy Can be Contolled by you!


In the journal Biofeedback, a study found that simply choosing to alter body posture to a more upright position can improve mood and energy levels. The subjects walked down a hallway in a slouched position and then skipped down the hallway.


The whole group reported slouched walking decreased energy levels while skipping increased energy. The participants were also asked to rate their general depression levels. Those generally more depressed noted far lower energy levels after slouched walking than those who were generally not experiencing depression.


Increase energy throughout the day. Try the 50/10 rule if you sit a lot at work or at school. For every 50 minutes you sit, get up and move around for 10 minutes. Walk the halls with a colleague while discussing a project, take the stairs outside for a quick breath of fresh air or stand up and stretch.  


Aging - Your future risk of Disability and neck pain and back pain!


Did you know that your posture can predict your future risk of disability? According to a Japanese study just published in Journals of Gerontology Series A the shape of a person's spinal column may be an indicator of their need for home assistance later in life. If you knew you could do something now to change things down the road, would you do it? No one wants to require help with bathing, feeding, dressing, going to the bathroom and other simple activities of daily living later in life. 


To check your posture look in a mirror, watch the windows when your walking down the street, take a look and see how your posture is doing.  Some people tell us poor posture is from having neck or back pain, they feel better when the slouch or lean.  If you feel your having posture issues and would like some help correcting your posture with the help of chiropractic please feel free to call us or reach out to a chiropractor near you!   Lyn Lake Chiropractic Minneapolis, MN 612-879-8000

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