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Whiplash Minneapolis - Car Accident

October 26, 2011

Whiplash Minneapolis - Lyn Lake Chiropractic

Did you know Lyn Lake Chiropractic Specializes in treating whiplash injuries. Since the Lyn Lake Chiropractic chiropractors are the Official Chiropractors of The Twin Cities Marathon and specialize in treating running injuries. People don't know they do Specialize in treating car accident injuries, whiplash injuries and bicycle accidents.

Whiplash Injuries Minneapolis - Auto Accidents MN. Our Chiropractors are Here to Give You Pain Relief!

Whiplash injury occurs when the body reacts to a deceleration or acceleration force by hyperflexion or hyperextension of the neck. Lyn Lake Chiropractic Clinic specializes in treating whiplash injuries, auto accident injuries and bicycle accident injuries. Whiplash injuries are very common in car accidents. Whiplash injuries occur, in part, due to the fact that the muscles do not have enough time to brace themselves.

If you have been involved Quick read more or view full article in a car accident, whiplash injuries need to be taken very seriously. Because symptoms of a whiplash injury can take weeks or even months to manifest, it is easy to be fooled into thinking that you are not as seriously injured as you really are. Symptoms from a car accident and whiplash can include anything from radiating pain into the shoulder, elbow pain, wrist pain or hand pain, lower back pain, headaches and more.

Injuries from Whiplash Trauma
Whiplash injuries can manifest themselves in a wide variety of ways, including neck pain, headaches, fatigue, upper back and shoulder pain, and low back pain. Due to the fact that numerous factors play into the overall whiplash trauma, such as direction of impact, speed of the vehicles involved, as well as sex, age and physical condition, whiplash symptoms commonly have a delayed onset, often taking weeks or months to become evident.

A number of conditions those who have suffered from whiplash trauma experience include:

Neck pain
Neck pain is the single most common complaint reported by our patients who have experienced whiplash trama. Often the pain radiates across the shoulders, up into the head, and down between the shoulder blades. Whiplash injuries tend to affect all of the tissues in the neck, including the facet joints and discs between the vertebrae, as well as all of the muscles, ligaments and nerves.

Disc injury is also a common cause of neck pain, especially chronic pain. The outer wall of the disc can be torn during a whiplash trauma.

After neck pain, headaches are the second most common complaint from those suffering from whiplash injury. While some headaches are actually the result of direct brain injury, most are related to injury of the muscles, ligaments and facet joints of the cervical spine, which refer pain to the head.

TMJ pain
A less common, but very debilitating disorder that results from whiplash, is temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ). TMJ usually begins as pain along with clicking and popping noises in the jaw during movement. Our Minneapolis chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic are specially trained to treat TMJ problems. If we think you need additional care, we will refer you to a TMJ specialist outside our Minneapolis chiropractic clinic.

Lower back pain
Most people consider whiplash to be an injury of the neck. However, the lower back is also commonly injured as well. In fact, low back pain is found in more than half of rear impact-collisions in which injury was reported, and almost three-quarters of all side-impact crashes. This is mostly due to the fact that the low back still experiences a tremendous compression.

Healing from Whiplash Injury
With proper care, many mild whiplash injuries heal within six to nine months. Whiplash is a unique condition that requires the expertise of a skilled health professional specially trained to work with these types of injuries. The most effective treatment for whiplash injuries is a combination of Minneapolis chiropractic care and rehabilitation of the soft tissues .

Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care utilizes manual manipulation of the spine to restore the normal movement and position of the spinal vertebrae. It is by far, the single-most effective treatment for minimizing the long-term impact of whiplash injuries, especially when coupled with massage therapy, trigger point therapy, exercise rehabilitation and other soft tissue rehabilitation modalities by Minneapolis chiropractors at Lyn Lake Chiropractic.

If you or someone you know has been in an auto accident, please get checked out by a good chiropractor!  We always recomend you to see your Medical Doctor and a Chiropractor since they both offer something different that can help you.

If needed we will refer you to other healthcare providers - Neurologist, Orthopedist and more.  When you come to Lyn Lake Chiropractic we'll make sure you get the best care possible. Read our testimonies for more reference either online with Google or checkout our testimonies on our website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us anytime at Lyn Lake Chiropractic 612-879-8000, we do have a 24/7 answering service.  If needed they will contact the chiropractors anytime to call you back. Read Less

Boost Your Immune System With Chiropractic

October 25, 2011
Boost Your Immune System With Chiropractic Adjustments

Boosting the Immune System with Chiropractic Adjustments:

In a study of 107 people who had long term chiropractic care, all were generally normal. Their immune systems had no reason to produce resistance to disease. The chiropractic patient also had 200% greater immune-competency than people who had not received chiropractic care and 400% more than those with cancer or other serious diseases.

The immune-competence did not decline with age; it was uniform for the entire group.?M.N.M. **Study by Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D 1975. New York Preventative Medicine Institute and Environmental Health at NYU. (David Singer, 1993)?Nobel Prize winner for brain research, Dr. Roger Sperry discovered that the more misalignments in the spine, the less energy was available for thinking, healing and metabolizing.?

The Effects of Specific Upper Cervical Adjustments on the CD4 counts of HIV Positive Patients:?

A 48% Quick read more or view full article increase in the CD4 cells was demonstrated over six month duration of the study for the adjusted group. Chiropractic Research Journal : Volume 3. (1) 1994.

Chiropractic Wellness Care:
  • Should begin at birth.
  • Encourages early detection and correction of spinal problems before they become chronic.?
  • Establishes a strong, straight, stable spine that is CLEAR of nerve interference!
  • Removes interference to your central nervous system.?
  • Corrects vertebral subluxations.
  • Helps restore the body’s in-born, built in ability to heal itself.

    Who do you care about that would like to be healthier? Have them call Lyn Lake Chiropractic.
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Best Clinic Experience Ever! - Lyn Lake Chiropract

October 24, 2011

Best Clinic Experience Ever! - Lyn Lake Chiropractic Minneapolis, 55408

I have been interning at Lyn Lake Chiropractic since April of 2008. It has been the best experience I could have every asked for. I love the atmosphere, but most of all the people including the staff and all the patients. I know this internship will influence how I practice in the future. Dr. Kevin is not only my interning doc and colleague, but a great friend. Since April, I have see thousands of people come through the doors at Lyn Lake and they all have huge smiles and their attitudes brighten when they get to the clinic. I know I can expect that this energy continues well after I leave the clinic and start on my own clinical endeavors. I just want to give a huge thanks to Dr. Kevin and the rest of the Quick read more or view full article Lyn Lake Team. You have become my second family!

January 31,  by Cody in Minneapolis, MN

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Try LynLake Chiropractic!!!

October 23, 2011

Try LynLake Chiropractic!!!

by PeaceLily03 at Citysearch      10/21/2011

I highly recommend Lyn Lake Chiropractic. I got into an automobile accident in late August. The aftermath of the accident left me with neck pain, lower back pain, and knee pain -  injuries. I have been receiving phenomenal care from the Team at Lyn Lake Chiropractic. They are highly skilled, knowledgeable about the latest in treatment options, and genuinely care about each individuals recovery. It is an upbeat environment. From the moment I called to book an appointment I was impressed with the sincere and friendly service on the other end of the line. Also, after my initial visit I received a hand written thank you card, which really impressed me. Lyn Lake Chiropractic goes the extra mile to making you feel special! Dr. Kevin Schreifels is very personable and has a lot of energy himself. Like I said, it's positive Quick read more or view full article environment, with a lot of positive energy flowing...and that goes to say for the positive healing, too! Try Lyn Lake Chiropractic and I guarantee you will notice the difference!


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Best Chiropractic Care for Runners

October 13, 2011
Review from - thought we'd share this with you!  Thank you!

Best Chiropractic Care for Runners

by Klovey36 at Citysearch

LynLake Chiropractic is the best clinic for runners hands down. I have been a patient of Kevin's for the last few years battling typical overuse injuries and have been impressed with the knowledge, speed of care and technique from all his staff.

But when I broke my foot four weeks ago, they surpassed all expectations. I limped in on a Friday morning, had an x-ray within 10 minutes at the clinic, suggesting 5th metatarsal fracture. Then Kevin took charge of my care - scheduled a MRI that morning and an ortho consult that afternoon and essentially created my treatment plan for me (thus giving me hope). For four weeks, I've been a regular frequent flyer for ice, stim, laser on the foot, ultrasound and massage on the achilles and Quick read more or view full article the occasional alignment problems from walking with a boot.

I always knew Kevin and his team were talented. But the level of expertise, dedication and kindness combined with much needed humor have been instrumental to get me moving these past few weeks.

Thank you LynLake.

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Did you know we now have five Lyn Lake Chiropractic locations? If you're on the North side of Minneapolis, look us up! Or in the St Paul area, check us out!