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Tips From a Minneapolis Chiropractor

January 15, 2010
Top Tips From a Minneapolis Chiropractor

What height should my chair be at? Should I really sleep with a pillow between my legs? Lyn Lake Chiropractic, Our Minneapolis Chiropractors answers the most common questions that chiropractors are asked.

What type of mattress do you advise people get?
I recommend getting as firm a mattress as you feel comfortable sleeping on. If I say get an ultra-firm mattress and you don’t feel comfortable on that and are having trouble sleeping, than that is not doing you any good at all. I do personally sleep on a Tempur-Pedic and I do endorse those to my patients, but I always tell them to try it before you buy it because if you are not comfortable than it won’t be of any help.

Do you recommend sleeping with a pillow between your legs?
I think that is very good if you are a side sleeper. It allows your hips to assume a more neutral posture, which I think is an excellent way to sleep.

Do you have a recommend sleeping position?
Sleeping on your back is best. Sleeping in a fetal position on your side is 2nd best. Sleeping on your stomach is no good because you need to turn your head almost 90 degrees.

Are there daytime tips for work you can share?
Ergonomics are important. You want to make sure when you are sitting that your feet are on the floor and that your workstation is set up appropriately for you and your height. You should make sure that your keyboard is ergonomically set up and within reach and your chair height is proper with respect to your desk.

What is correct chair height?
It’s a system of ratios. Your arms should basically be at a 90-degree angle, resting on your chair. Your feet should be resting on the floor. If you are of shorter stature, perhaps a footrest under your desk might be better so you can rest your feet on that.

Are there some common activities that should be avoided?
It is different for each person. For some people, running can really stress their spine, and for some people, doing squats at the gym can really cause disc problems.

It is different for everybody and that’s why everyone should get an assessment so they can find where their strengths and weaknesses are. Having good posture is important.

If you have a kid and your kid is carrying a backpack to school, than that backpack should not exceed one-third of your child’s body weight. If you have a 50-pound kid and you put 20 pounds of books in that backpack, than that is going to trash his spine. Avoid stress. Keep good posture. Sleep with proper posture. All of these are important pieces in the puzzle.

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