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Lyn Lake Chiropractic incorporates the Graston technique

January 11, 2018

Lyn Lake Chiropractic incorporates the Graston technique along with chiropractic, massage and other amazing therapies. Lyn Lake Chiropractic get good results using Graston within two or three visits.  

The Graston Technique tools are excellent tools that we use to help break up myofascial adhesions. Using stainless steel tools, we can perform what is essentially a highly targeted and intense deep tissue massage. This new, localized inflammation, helps to increase blood-flow and promote the healing process, breaks down scar tissue and creates proper healing.

Lyn Lake Chiropractic focuses on a non-drug approach, so we mostly rely on our hands to adjust and put the vertebrae back in place very gently. We help to normalize the nervous system.  Chiropractic adjustment is very important when it comes to and getting patients better. When you introduce the soft tissue component, that’s when we get the best possible results. Many Quick read more or view full article chiropractors believe in the crack and go method, just walk in lay down get adjusted and your done.  We find using all our tools can help someone  with neck pain, lower back pain, running injuries and more.

I don’t get it, we believe the mis-aligned spine is a major issue, but if one doesn’t address the injured or tight muscles around your spine, then how can that crack and go stay in place? 

Furthermore, the changes and recovery happen a lot faster with more muscle work, more hands on therapy.  The adjustments alone can only provide so much of the success, massage, stretching, Graston and more physiotherapy would make more sense in keeping you out of pain or when you are in pain to help you heal faster and properly.  

Remember To Go To Lyn Lake Chiropractic Regularly- Especially if you are ill, in pain, under a lot of stress, pregnant or in an accident or trauma. Remember, it is much easier to prevent having an injury or a problem than it is to correct or fix the issue.

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Sleeping is very important - take care of your neck and back

January 10, 2018

Sleeping is very important since you should be sleeping at least eight hours a night.  Sleeping on a soft bed or couch can strain your neck and back muscles during the 8 hours you should be sleeping. Your spine is not adequately supported. Sleeping on your stomach is not recommended since it can cause additional strain on your neck and back. Make sure you have a mid to firm mattress that keeps the spine supported and helps maintain your spinal curvatures. 

 The best sleeping positions are on your back or side.  A pillow can be placed under the knees when lying on your back to take pressure off of the lower back. A good pillow that supports the curve of your neck is almost if not more important, if you sleeping on your side make sure the pillow is keeping your neck supported.

We get patients coming with neck pain and Quick read more or view full article back pain after sleeping, one of the first few questions we ask is what type of mattress they sleep on and what about the pillow.  It’s amazing how many people tells us they know they need a new bed or pillow but after we get them out of pain and correct the spine we try to help them decide what is a good supportive bed for them and what type of pillow will work best for everyone.  Regards to pillows, start slow - we don’t think you need to go out a buy an expensive pillow with all the bells and whistles, but a pillow you feel is right for you. 

We would be glad to have you come and we can help you figure out what type of bed or pillow you might or should have. Remeber regular chiropractic care is always very important to take care of your spine.

Remember To Lyn Lake Chiropractic Regularly-Especially if you are ill, under a lot of stress, pregnant or in an accident or trauma. Remember, it is much easier to prevent having an injury or a problem than it is to correct or fix the issue.

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