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Lyn Lake Chiropractic taking over Waxberg Clinic in Pine City

November 12, 2020
I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support the Waxberg family has received during this difficult time. While we are still in shock at Rachel’s death, I have learned that the world must go on. It is apparent that many people besides my family relied on Rachel. Friends, family, staff and patients are all hurting.

Rachel told me a long time ago that if anything ever happened to her that I cannot legally own the Clinic, as I am not a Chiropractor. I never really thought or cared about that, because what could happen? This week I had to realize and deal with the fact that in Minnesota, I have a short window of time to move ownership of the clinic to another Chiropractor.

For the last few months Rachel had been talking about the future and what she Quick read more or view full article would like to do with the clinic. Every time we had that conversation, she told me she had someone in mind, and that someday she would convince him to come back to Pine City. This week when I realized that I needed to make some tough decisions about the clinic, my first call would be to the “Someone” that Rachel had chosen, Dr. Travis Shermer.

The first call I made this week was to Dr. Travis Shermer. Our family has known Travis and his family since he was a kid. I asked Travis is he would consider taking over the clinic, or if he knew someone who he would recommend. After some late-night phone calls, I met this week with some of the staff from
Lyn Lake Chiropractic

in the metro. (This is where Travis currently works and is a partner) We spent hours talking. We talked about the clinic, how Rachel loved her job, her staff, and the love she had for her patients.

I learned that it was not the right time for Travis to uproot his family on a day’s notice and move back to Pine City. But I was introduced to a great Chiropractor named Dr. Joel Blomberg. Dr. Joel has been working at Lyn Lake Chiropractic side by side with Dr. Travis Shermer and Dr Kevin Schreifels. Dr. Joel as he prefers to be called likes all the things Pine City has to offer. He is from a small town in Wisconsin, he likes to hunt, fish, and be outdoors. I think Dr. Joel will love Pine City. I am grateful to Dr. Joel and his wife Becky for being willing to uproot their lives, and move here. I am grateful to Dr. Travis Shermer and Dr Kevin Schreifels at Lyn Lake Chiropractic for coming and helping me make some hard decision about the future of the clinic. I know that Rachel would have wanted the clinic to stay open, and continue to serve her patients. Please stop in and welcome Dr. Joel to Pine City, and say hi to the staff.
Thank you again for your love and support, Todd, Duke, Cole Read Less

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