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We see a lot of knee injuries

March 16, 2011
We see a lot of knee injuries in chiropractic care, or people who suffer from knee pain. Chiropractic care is sometimes seen as alternative, especially when it comes to knee pain, to orthopaedic care. The chiropractor’s approach to knee pain includes an evaluation for possible spinal or pelvic involvement in addition to local knee dysfunction.

Knee pain can come from many sources like the following and the knee is unguarded and exposed to hostile elements, rendering it open to knee pain:
1. Injuries resulting from impact, running
2. Heavy blows to the knee from outside causes
3. Dashboard related afflictions with car accidents
4. Falls with direct impact

Soft tissue injuries resulting in knee pain are usually the result of either overuse or disuse. Some common presentations to a chiropractor’s office include:
1. Player of sports, runners, cyclist presenting with anterior knee pain. aka: runners knee.
2. Senior person suffering stiffness and knee pain.
3. Young player with ache over the tibial tuberosity.
4. Person complaining of knee instability.

Knee pain treatment modality usually takes on a conservative stance. Most knee pain responds very well to a combination of non-invasive treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, Ultrasound, Laser, massage, applying heat or cold, exercise to strengthen the muscles that support the knee and temporarily restraining from activities that aggravate the knee pain.

To identify the true cause of your knee pain, Lyn Lake Chiropractic will initiate the following pre-treatment processes: take a detailed history, examine you and do neurological and orthopaedic testing and perform radiologic tests. Then a plan of management specifically for your case will be designed by your treating chiropractor.

Spring is here and everyone will be starting to push themselves again getting back into shape. Take it easy and if you have any pain, don't wait until the injury stops your activity or sport. See your chiropractor or call Lyn Lake Chiropractic for a Free Consultation to see if we can help. When in doubt we will refer you to an orthopedic clinic we feel can help you!

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