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Review for Lyn Lake Chiropractic

November 20, 2011

Making regular visits to a chiropractor makes as much sense to me as going to a dentist. But just as I don't trust any ol' one to poke metal objects into my mouth, I don't trust everyone to adjust my back. In the past, I've visited a self-described witch doctor in northern California who told me my kidneys had fallen and that I should eat more Jerusalem artichokes. I don't know why I went back to him; he kept trying to push those kidneys back into place (you should've seen how red my sides got) and it was no easy task finding Jerusalem artichokes -- no, not regular artichokes -- in rural, Northern California. Another guy I saw tapped my spine so lightly -- was he trying to communicate through Morse code? -- that he was done with my adjustment before I'd even realized he'd started. He drove away in his Porsche. A couple weeks later, I was looking for a Jerusalem artichoke.

That said, I can now count Dr. Kevin at Lyn Lake Chiropractic among the chiropractors I trust. After leaving my last doctor (in Russia), I was reluctant to search out another, the former had worked so many wonders. But after a cross-country move, I could only stand up as well as a bag of loose parts. Dr. Kevin's adjustment took a day or two to settle in, but when it had, I felt like new again. I'm a fan of his friendly, unpretentious demeanor; love the layout of his space, even if I was too shy to enjoy some of his many toys (a massage chair in the waiting room -- a first); and can only praise his friendly and competent staff as well (I don't know who massaged my back prior to the adjustment, but you have the power of a tank, without any of its destructive powers -- good stuff; I surrender unconditionally). Even if my insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care (wait and see), I'm going to try and find a way to get back to Lyn-Lake.

Thank you Stephan C. for writting this grear 5 star review!

Did you know we have a second Lyn Lake Chiropractic location? If you're on the far North side of Minneapolis, look us up! View all of the offerings and amenities at our North East Location.